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Dining Guide to the Rogue Valley in Southern Oregon

By Kerry Newberry
Oregon Live

Smithfields Restaurant and Bar
Named after a centuries-old historic London meat market, the downtown Ashland restaurant brings “nose-to-tail” dining to southern Oregon. London-born chef Neil Clooney prepares everything in house — even the bacon-infused vodka for the Bacon and Egg Bloody Mary, a popular drink for the weekend brunch crowd. Like any great steakhouse, the salads rival the meat dishes. Try the roast beets with blood orange, wilted baby kale, candied pecans and balsamic maple dressing. For meatier fare, a Willow Witt brined pork chop, char-grilled hanger steak and a juicy burger topped with melted onions and rosemary cheddar satisfy. Instead of bread, servers bring mini bags of popcorn to the table, so you will definitely have room for dessert, even if it’s just one scoop of the housemade mint chocolate chip ice cream infused with fresh mint from the garden.

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Smithfields Restaurant and Bar is located at 36 S. 2nd Street, Ashland, Oregon. Call 541-488-9948.